5-2-1-0 Resources for Families

A happy family enjoying the outdoors on a winter day.


As a parent, what you do makes a difference in your family! Research shows that kids model their parents’ behaviors and attitudes. Kids learn to be physically active and to eat well by watching those around them, and even small changes can make a big difference. We’ve developed a variety of resources to help you and your family live by 5-2-1-0. And for parents /caregivers of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, please refer to our tailored tools specific to the challenges these children and their families face.

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5 – Eat at Least Five Fruits and Vegetables a Day

2 - Limit Recreational Screen Time to Two Hours or Less

1 – Get One Hour or More of Physical Activity Every Day

0 - Limit or Eliminate Sugary Drinks; Provide Water

More 5-2-1-0 Resources

Blog: Info for Parents

  • The Importance of Cooking With Kids

    Allowing kids to help plan and prepare meals—including everything from chopping to stirring at the stove—can feel like a big challenge when we’re rushed to get food on the table. It might mean more time and more mess, at least in the beginning. But there are many benefits for kids of all ages who get… Read more »

  • Tips for Staying Active as a Family

    Adults and kids alike are recommended to get physical activity everyday. How can we really make this happen for our kids and ourselves when we don’t even have time for the gym? We can start by rethinking our idea of physical activity! Although sustained aerobic exercise is an incredible workout, physical activity doesn’t have to… Read more »

  • Kitchen Tips That Save Time and Money

    Being a healthy home cook is one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves and our family! Preparing fresh, well-balanced meals is a proven way to maintain our overall health and wellbeing. It is cheaper, tastes better, and is better for us than dining out or driving through. And yet sometimes getting a meal… Read more »