5210 Goes After School

Why After School?
After school programs have a long history of providing safe and healthy places for diverse groups of children to learn and grow during a critical point in their development. They provide structure, role modeling, knowledge, and motivation, as well as a strong connection to parents and community. After school programs serve youth at a time of day when they are more likely to be inactive and consume less healthy foods. Programs can also serve as a bridge between what children learn at school and the important decisions parents make around physical activity and nutrition at home. This makes after school programs an ideal location to provide and promote opportunities for increased physical activity and healthy eating, and in turn, positively influence children’s physical, social, emotional, and academic growth!

What We Do
Let’s Go!’s 5210 Goes After School program provides participating sites with a toolkit, online resources, and technical assistance to help guide them in successfully supporting increased physical activity and healthy eating for children and youth.

After school programs come in many different shapes and sizes: there are school based programs, drop-in centers for teens, free-standing organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs and YMCA’s, and more. Each program has its own structure, resources, and location, creating a unique set of challenges for each when it comes to successfully supporting increased physical activity and healthy eating. For this reason, we’ve designed the 5210 Goes After School program to be flexible, allowing different programs to tailor a plan for success specific to their needs.

To address the policies, practices, and environments that influence healthy lifestyle behaviors, after school programs can use our 10 key strategies:

  1. Provide healthy choices for snacks and celebrations; limit unhealthy choices.
  2. Provide water and low-fat milk; limit or eliminate sugary beverages.
  3. Provide non-food rewards.
  4. Provide opportunities for children to get physical activity every day.
  5. Limit recreational screen time.
  6. Participate in local, state, and national initiatives that promote healthy eating and active living.
  7. Engage community partners to help support and promote healthy eating and active living at your site.
  8. Partner with and educate families in adopting and maintaining a lifestyle that supports healthy eating and active living.
  9. Implement a staff wellness program that includes healthy eating and active living.
  10. Collaborate with Food and Nutrition Programs to offer healthy food and beverage options.

For more information about 5210 Goes After School or to register for the program, contact your local Let’s Go! representative.