Let’s Go! Workplace – A Resource for Businesses

Why Workplaces?
Workplaces reach parents and caregivers where they spend the majority of their day, in an environment that can highly influence and support their behaviors around healthy eating and physical activity. These parents and caregivers play an important part in supporting and role modeling the 5210 behaviors for their children. There are also many benefits to employers who want to help employees and families be healthier. The 5210 message provides a great starting point for workplaces that are new to wellness promotion and strengthens the efforts of workplaces with existing wellness activities. This makes workplaces an ideal location to support increased physical activity and healthy eating.

What We Do
Let’s Go! helps workplaces promote our 5210 messages along with any existing efforts to increase physical activity and healthy eating behaviors for their employees. Our goal is for the healthy behaviors adopted by employees in the workplace to be carried over to the home, reinforcing the messages their children are exposed to in other settings including: schools, child care, after school, the doctor’s office and in communities. We provide worksites with:

  • A toolkit, including resources to help implement six evidence based strategies around promoting physical activity and healthy eating both in the workplace and at home.
  • A connection to resources such as The Healthy Maine Partnerships, and other organizations which can assist worksites in promoting the 5210 behaviors.
  • A common, easy to understand, message being shared across the state in multiple settings to help ensure the success of workplace efforts in promoting increased physical activity and healthy eating.

Interested in learning how your company can help reinforce the 5210 message? Contact us at info@letsgo.org