K-5 Toolkit

Let’s Go! is happy to provide this easy to navigate, online toolkit in addition to the individual toolkit pdfs organized per the outline below. If you would like to purchase a hard copy, please visit our online store.

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School Welcome Letter – Table of Contents 

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Step 1 - Engage

Step 2 - Assess Environment and Create an Action Plan

Step 3 - Implement Action Plan

Strategy 1 - Limit Unhealthy Choices

Strategy 2 - Limit or eliminate sugary drinks

Strategy 3 - Prohibit the Use of Food as a Reward

Strategy 4 - Provide Opportunities to Get Physical Activity Every Day

Strategy 5 - Limit recreational screen time

Strategy 6 - Participate in local, state and national initiatives

Strategy 7 - Engage community partners

Strategy 8 - Partner with and educate families

Strategy 9 - Implement a Staff Wellness Program

Strategy 10 - Collaborate with Food and Nutrition Programs

Step 4 - Complete Survey

Step 5 - Celebrate

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